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Notable Settlements and Verdicts


Settlement / Verdict

Wrongful death of an 18 year-old boy at the hands of the NYPD. The young man’s grandmother and younger brother were present, in the zone of danger, when police shot and killed him. The incident resulted in the termination of the police officer from his job


False arrest and excessive use of force caught on videotape while police supervisors were present and engaged in a cover-up. All criminal charges dismissed and officers received department discipline and termination.


NYPD officers, while working in plain clothes utilized excessive force, breaking client’s limbs. No arrest was made and the officers left the scene. Officer resigned from the force.


Our client, an emotionally disturbed individual, was in custody after arrest and found hanging in his cell due to negligent supervision.


Officers, responding to a botched undercover drug transaction, shot and permanently injured a 14 year old boy and falsely arrested him as part of a cover up. The criminal charges were dismissed.


Police engaged in wrongful arrest and excessive force, resulting in client’s punctured eardrum and permanent partial hearing loss. All criminal charges were dismissed.

$3,500,000.00 trial verdict reduced to $900,000.00

Police officer grabbed client in the street under the false belief that he engaged in a drug transaction. Client was brutally beaten, suffered a broken eye socket and cheekbone, and emotional trauma. The police officer was terminated from his job.


The NYPD, targeted our client, a social activist, and falsely arrested him while he was videotaping a police encounter. NYPD officers, seized and tampered with client’s electronic data and fabricated evidence against him. The lawsuit named many high-ranking officers who participated in this scheme. Client also won two other lawsuits against the City for false arrest, destruction of evidence and retaliation for videotaping. All criminal charges filed against client were dismissed.


Our client was an innocent bystander who was struck by stray bullet fired by a NYPD officer during a police encounter.


Mother, father, and son were falsely arrested and injured by NYPD officers. The police officers used excessive force as they attempted to remove  audio speakers from a block party. The family was found not guilty of all criminal charges after trial.


Our client, an adolescent female, witnessed and objected to police brutality i.e. the excessive use of force on another individual. In retaliation she was brutally victimized by NYPD officers who used excessive force and falsely arrested her. Riverbay Corp. Officers assisted in the arrest. Client suffered physical and emotional injuries. Criminal case dismissed.


Police chased adolescent into the home he shares with his extended family. The Police officers entered the home without a warrant, destroyed the home, and arrested several of the occupants. All criminal charges were dismissed.


Police grabbed the client as he left his home. They falsely arrested and accused him of engaging in a drug transaction with another individual (he too sued). Police used excessive force and broke client's nose. Criminal charges went to trial and were dismissed. Police officer received department discipline.


Police broke into client's apartment that was occupied by three young women and a baby, under the pretense of investigating a noise complaint. The police used excessive force, resulting in extensive property damage and falsely arrested  the young women. Clients suffered from significant emotional trauma. All criminal charges were dismissed.


Our client was waiting at a bus stop with his mother when NYPD officers pulled up in a car rushed at him, and without warning, brutally slamming client to the ground and beat him up. Client suffered from physical and emotional trauma. The criminal charges, filed as part of the police cover-up, were dismissed, and the police offers were disciplined.


Our client, a 58 year old woman, arrived late to her homeless shelter and was denied entrance. The shelter called the police when client banged on the outer door to the shelter. Client’s arm was broken by responding NYPD officers.


Our clients, ages 14 and 16, were riding the NYC subway on their way to a Yankees game, when they were falsely accused of entering the subway without paying. Police officers arrested and used excessive force during the arrest. Clients were both found not guilty of all criminal charges after trial. Client's suffered from physical and emotional trauma. The police officers were disciplined. $500,000.00
Police officers repeatedly victimized client and his family over a twelve month time period. Their actions include false arrests, damage to client’s vehicle, harassment of family members, following our client to a restaurant etc. All criminal charges were dismissed after trial. Client suffered emotional trauma. $415,000.00
Police officers responded to our client, an emotionally disturbed man’s, home. After unsuccessfully attempting to gain access, they broke into the home. One officer used a tire rim to pin our client down. Client sustained multiple leg fractures. $385,000.00
Client, a six year old special needs child, was sexually molested by a family friend, who was convicted of criminal charges. After his arrest the pedophile attempted to transfer his property by engaging in a sham divorce. We successfully placed a lien on the property and the case was settled. The pedophile is currently incarcerated.


Mother assaulted daughter in her home, pushing her down the stairs, resulting in spinal injury. Trial verdict.


Inmate at Rikers Island, was assaulted in jail, which Dep’t of Correction Officers were negligently supervising. Client sustained a broken jaw.