The Meaning Of An I-Card

A common scenario that we, as attorneys often encounter, is when our clients are stopped for a routine traffic stop and learn that there is an I-Card out on them.

What is an I-card? The I-Card contains information entered into the police database that notifies police personnel that the person named in the I-Card is wanted by the police. This could mean that the individual is wanted for detainment, questioning, and/or arrest. Although it is not a warrant, the I-Card can, and will be utilized by police personnel, to at a minimum detain, and in all likelihood it will be used to arrest.

Therefore, if you are stopped by the police the same advice applies to named subjects of I-Cards that applies to individuals named in an Arrest Warrant:

a) Contact your lawyer,

b) Do not make a statement without your attorney present, and

c) Exercise your Miranda Rights

If you are the subject of an I-card, wanted for arrest, or questioning, please call The Law Office of Jeffrey L. Emdin at (212) 265-1350 and

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